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~ the robi rose story ~

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Olimpia Fernandez

CEO & Founder

Olimpia Fernandez is our Founder and CEO of Robi Rose, a luxurious beauty and cosmetic brand where products are made with the richness of mineral based ingredients that are Gluten, Vegan, Cruelty & Paraben Free. Born and raised in New York, Olimpia watched her single mother work every day to provide for her children, never making much time for herself.  However, she always instilled a strong work ethic and dedication to her family which Olimpia encompasses today with her young child. 


Olimpia, a previous actress and makeup artist in Los Angeles, has always had a love for makeup and fashion.  Her late grandmother, Bernice Rose, was one of her first examples of what and how a woman should always present herself.  Additionally, reminding her the importance of nurturing herself, in order to nurture others.

After moving back to New York, Olimpia landed a job at a Fortune 500 cosmetic company and credits her time there to reigniting the dream in her heart to one day open her own direct-to-consumer cosmetic brand to enrich a woman's self love.

When Olimpia became a mother to her beautiful baby boy, just like her own mother, everything she did and still does has been for her child.  It's no secret; mothers, wives, sisters and daughters tend to sacrifice their own needs and wants for their children and families. In doing that, we tend to forget about ourselves. It was no different for Olimpia. She simply was taking care of everyone else and neglecting herself. 


Not too long after her son was born,  Olimpia remembers hearing the voice of her late grandmother reminding her that she must nurture herself in order to nurture her son. “You cannot be good for him, if you aren’t good to yourself.” At that moment, she realized she absolutely had to pour into herself!  Not only for her and her son, but also for ALL the women who need that important reminder. 


The time was NOW.   However, Olimpia didn't want to create another cosmetic line, she wanted her products  to be meaningful with a purpose and a cause. She wanted her cosmetics to empower women with self love so they can be better for their children and families.  But, as a busy single mother, this seemed like a daunting uphill battle!   She struggled with the same dilemmas as many other women. How could she still pour into her child and pursue her own passions and dreams and take nothing from her young son.  Nevertheless, she pushed through and began the work.  Olimpia self funded her business, researched and tested  the best formulas, packed and shipped her product and built her dream brand right from her home office!  Within months, Robi Rose was born. 


As women we tend to forget about ourselves.  At Robi Rose we want to encourage women to go after their dreams, pursue their purpose, and live a life that nurtures their soul to be better for their children and  their loved ones. Most importantly we don’t want you to forget about yourselves!  We want you to live your life and look amazing while doing it! Have you ever faced a decision between nurturing yourself and providing for your child?  With Robi Rose you no longer need to feel that guilt.  When you pour into yourself, you feel a sense of satisfaction knowing you are nurturing a child in the interim. Every time you purchase a product we will donate a portion of the proceeds to help nurture a child at one of our favorite foundations. So buy the lipstick and feel GREAT about yourself. 

Which color brings out your inner superstar? Mine is baby cakes. Take a look and see which lipstick makes you feel EMPOWERED.


Nurture YOU.  Nurture THEM.

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